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Round the World!

Written by Saturday, 13 January 2018

NOTE from Scott Caddow, Owner of Legendary World.

Welcome to this fun and informative addition to our Blog.  Our very own Peter Ward and Charlotte van Hoorn are currently sailing on Holland America Line's 2018 World Cruise aboard the ms Amsterdam and will be reporting live throughout the cruise!  Check our blog from time to time to see where in the world they are, learn some helpful tips for travel and follow along vicariously through their blogging! 

Dateline: January 3rd, 2018  - on the high seas between Panama Canal and Polynesia -
In just a week - too few days and too little time already, but first a sobering thought.
As Signature consortium agents, we do suggest that purchase of the medical insurance and evacuation insurance is a wise investment. Now we can see why. A very bad fall on the stairs by a guest not holding on to the railing resulted in a loss of consciousness but in just a day there is nothing left but swelling.
It was a very lucky instance as it could have been much worse. So besides the precaution of having the necessary insurances -- please consider having a written list on file of required medications on file at the front desk. You see, no one knew what the gentleman was taking and how much, as he had packed his meds all together and NOT in their own RX bottles.
So - happier stories to follow, but the reality is that a world voyage through the oceans where no helicopter can reach us means that precautions and planning are the keys to a successful and rewarding journey. I look forward to giving you the flavor of why a world cruise and why Holland America should be considered as a ship of choice in further dispatches. Anchors Aweigh! Happy to take your questions to be posted in the Ask The Expert Section on this same page.