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UnBelizeable! Part One

Written by Monday, 05 February 2018

Off on an UnBelizeable Adventure!

Travel Adventures come in many shapes and sizes, many styles, budgets and modes of transortation!

Last week we struck out for unknown territory for our second annual sailing adventure!  Eight friends from The Pacific Northwest decided a year ago to sail the BVI's for a friends 50th Birthday and had so much fun we did it again this year for her 51st Birthday!  Belize here we come!

NOTE: See Full Photo Gallery at the bottom of the page

We decided again to charter with The Moorings - one of the top rated Charter Companies in the buiness.  The boats are always in great shape, the customer service and care they take in preparing you for your charter are second to none!  We paid a little more, but when Chartering a boat (or most vacations), getting the lowest price and lowest quality are not things that most people should strive for.

A few of us decided to set out a few days early and explore the village of Placencia for a few nights before picking up the rest of the gang and our Sailboat.  Two of us rented a GMC Yukon in Belize City and set out for the 3.5 hour (Belize-ian time) drive to Placencia!  We did find that Belize-iam time is very much like Island Time!  It could be close, it could change, but it is never exact.  :)

We filled "The Beast", as she became to be known, with Petro and headed out across the wide open spaces of Belize.  The scenery was beautiful and it took us across the marshy flatlands of the coastal region towards the capital city of Belmopan (Population only 16,000!) and then into the lush, green, remote rainforest.  We were treated with a DOWNPOUR that required us to almost come to a stop as we were driving, but we kept pushing on through the tropical foliage, small villages and farms on the way to Placencia.


We arrived in Placencia in great spirits after an amazing road trip!  And of course we were ready for a Beach Bar, some seafood and a tropical cocktail!  We were on vacation of course.  The little village was filled with fun places to eat, drink and meet new friends - the names say it all!  We went to the Tipsy Tuna, the Cozy Corner, The Barefoot Bar and our favorite became the Pickled Parrot - for obvious reasons!  We found many Expats retired here, chasing the Jimmy Buffet lifestyle - "Breath In, Breath Out, Move on" became our mantra during the trip.  It was a fun, laidback, beach village!


We spent two days in Placencia before the rest of the gang started to arrive - then we got to show it all to them for the second time!  No complaints here!  :)

Stay tuned for another post with the details, pictures and shenanigans once we got on the boat!