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Next stop - Dunedin

Written by Wednesday, 14 February 2018

This port had a terrific example of how to live like a king. No expense spared in a local merchant's home, reflecting his immense wealth. Olveston House is a Jacobean home from 1906 based on wealth from trade.

With decorative arts from the family's travels, plus every modern invention, it was one of the most intriguing insights into the life and times I have ever seen interpreted....well recommended.
As a further feature of the tour, the oldest botanical garden in New Zealand was in the protected back of the bay. All the roses were explained and grouped by types and were in full flower...a sensational day for photos and a thoroughly delightful experience because the garden had amenities to make it comfortable, walkable, and educational paths well marked and explained to the other types of flora as well.
So if you missed the rhododendron display of 3,000 you had the roses or if you were really lucky you would hit the 3 days the stinkiest flower in the world blossomed as we did! The Corpse flower was done with the smell but still displaying the flower and that just is luck to be there then as flower lovers travel the world for the sight!-------Finishing up with the railroad station, the 2nd most photographed site in Australia after the Opera House-  we can give this town a big thumbs up! (For example - the mosaic floor was was was made up of 725,000 Royal Doulton porcelain tiles, not too shabby!