Minnie Daniel

minnie danielAfter an extended period of time working for IBM in various locations, Minnie discovered her passion resided in other areas, specifically Travel and Tourism. Since changing careers in 1990, Minnie has consistently demonstrated comprehensive support to individuals, families, and corporations seeking assistance coordinating travel, reunions, cruises, and meetings, Minnie has traveled to London, Mexico, Jamaica, Alaska and the Bahamas. Viewing the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace was and continues to be one of her favorites while visiting the Gold mine in Alaska comes in a very close second. The top of the list however, was relaxing at LeSport in St Lucia, no phones, televisions, just great relaxation and great spa treatments.

Enjoying and participating in the festivities and cultures of each place Minnie has visited enabled her to share these experiences with Corporations, clients, friends and families. Sharing Minnie recognized industry knowledge, customer service, and attention to detail, availability, and responsiveness by clients, employers, and suppliers with you would be most pleasing.

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